What is SEO? Where Can I Find Affordable SEO and Local SEO Tools?

What is SEO? Where Can I Find Affordable SEO and Local SEO Tools?

There are many different answers to the question “what is SEO?”

Usually we don’t build websites to hide on the internet, we want the the site to be found and to engage visitors. So we can start with a simple definition SEO is about helping websites to be found. You can build an amazing site but if nobody knows it’s there it will be worthless.

We know that most business and website owners simply do not have the time to learn, evaluate, then practice, monitor and keep up to date with SEO and it is that reality that underlies what we do.

We provide a range of affordable yet market leading products that balance cost with time. Each service completely removes the need to study and evaluate what steps to take to optimize a website, our road map looks after that for you and our reporting ensures you have clarity over many critical pieces of information, there are many pieces of information that the platform provides here are just a few:

  • Are there any reasons that my site is not ranking at all or ranking badly?
  • Where are the code errors in my site from a search engine perspective and how do I fix them?
  • What search terms do my potential customers use? How popular are they? How competitive are they?
  • Which search terms should I be targeting with my site at the moment?
  • How well aligned is my site content and code with the terms that I should be targeting?
  • What Search terms are my competitors targeting? How attractive are those terms? How well are they ranking? How are they ranking? Should I compete for those terms too or choose something different?
  • What are the sources of my competitors success? What part of does element of their online profile play in their rank? How does that compare to mine? What part does social media, reviews and backlinks play?
  • Where can I earn or generate backlinks? What keywords are driving traffic to my site?
  • How healthy is my backlink profile and how does it compare to all my competitors?
  • Are serach engines aware of my site?is it optimized for mobile? Is my being penalized for being too slow?
  • Are any of my backlinks harmful? Which ones and how can I solve that?
  • Is my code optimized for search and conversion?
  • Is my site being penalized by anything that I need to be aware of? Have I lost any valuable backlinks?
  • Is my strategy working? What effect are my changes having? Can I see progress?

These are just a few of the many questions that a webmaster can answer with Professional Grade SEO Tools, the point I am making is that once you are free from understanding what can be done, what should be done and how to do it all you are left with is the substantially smaller task of doing the work which is still a significant task but at the same time more manageable one.

What is SEO? A Practical Definition for Website Optimization

Let’s improve our definition, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so that it appears as high as possible for targeted keywords in the organic search engine results page and thus attracts good quality traffic to achieve your online goals.
Remember that ranking in the organic results section of the page is not charged for by the search engines, unlike the other premium “sponsored” slots on the page, please refer to the diagram below for clarification.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so that it appears as high as possible for targeted keywords in the organic search engine results page and thus attracts good quality traffic to achieve your online goals.

SERP Explanation

We should note that the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is ever changing, we will do an updated post on the myriad of features on the SERP at a later date, however for the purpose of this article the diagram above is fine to illustrate the key areas.

One other comment about the diagram, you can see a section called “Google Local Listings” as you might imagine that is very good place to appear and it’s the result of some niche SEO work with location management, as Local SEO experts we help clients to appear in that space, we offer the Gold standard in Location management service, our cloud based software is the market leader and will produce a positive return on investment.

A definition of SEO is a great start but of course it’s not enough. SEO is such a large and ever changing subject, that whole books and enterprises are devoted to it. Most of our customers want to achieve optimisation so that their website performs better in organic results and so that paid campaigns produce better returns too.

In a competitive environment ranking in the organic search engine results page can be challenging, but often it is essential to the success and even the survival of a business- it is a challenge that almost certainly you cannot afford to ignore,

We often have the experience of customers who have unfortunately spent, and lost, considerable sums performing paid marketing in particular but also paying for big ticket ($2500 + per month) SEO services for little or no benefit. Our advice is always if possible start marketing early and start relatively small in expenditure terms, if it’s too late to start early then still start small but build on a positive foundation and try to refrain from desperate attempts at paid advertising.

We ourselves scale services according to client’s needs because we prefer to build sustainable long term business relationships and offer services meet clients needs.

Regardless of your current situation we believe that Localadworks can assist you, we have clients of all sizes and at all stages of the business lifecycle. We offer Affordable DIY SEO Tools, an Assisted SEO Plan  and Managed Client SEO Services too. Our customers are individuals, companies and Professional High end Marketing Companies too.

You will find a wealth of information around the internet on the subject of SEO but I want to emphasise the point that I just made that “SEO is ever changing” in the context of SEO that means that what used to work might no longer work and might even be harmful to your website not just in a temporary manner but in a permanent way, so be sure to follow the best practices as at today, if unsure consult the Google Webmasters guide

The key point to take from this is to be very careful that the optimization work you do is going to be beneficial and not damaging.

In broad terms that means to use search engine approved White Hat SEO techniques and to entirely avoid Black Hat SEO techniques.

Keeping up to date with the most effective and approved methods for SEO is a large undertaking itself, that’s where our SEO Guide comes in, we do all of the work to keep right up to date with developments and changes as they happen then we update our SEO Guide and our SEO checklists immediately so that clients can act fast and gain a competitive advantage. The best way to optimize a site is different today compared the website optimization just a few years ago, it’s as simple as that and what’s more there will be more changes as we go through the year too.


How can Localadworks Help You?

Remember as a LocalAdworks client you have a significant competitive advantage through access to;

  • The latest search engine approved SEO techniques.
  • Our Proprietary SEO Guide, so you can spend time doing the right things and not trying to work out what to do.
  • State of the art configurable, powerful reporting tools that are literally the best available at unbelievable prices.
  • Access to SEO information and guidance in written articles, videos and infographics.
  • Access to Support from SEO experts.


SEO – The Website Optimization Process

Many readers of this article will wonder how the many different factors fit together. SEO work can usefully be divided into on page and off page factors the infographic below is a work of genius and very useful to provide some summary context to the large and fascinating area of SEO.

Remember that there are further layers of complexity not shown such as details behind each factor but regardless it is a great summary of SEO factors.

Periodic table of 2019 SEO Factors Periodic Table

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