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The Importance of Business Listings for Local Business Marketing

Don’t let your competitors out rank you in Local Search just because you have incorrect Local Listings,  – tiny differences in NAP ( name, address and phone data) are a common mistake, but they are very damaging to a website’s performance in search results,  all businesses should ensure that listings are not only correct but are also optimized. Businesses that rely on a physical location should pay particular attention to make sure that they have optimized business listings.

We scan over 110 different local business aggregation websites and give you the results instantly. We are a solutions based company, so we also give you an easy way to correct any errors you have online, with your business information.

In 2018 Local Business Listings and other Local Signals have become even more important to ranking in Search engine results, there is a lot going on in Local SEO that affects all websites, register and read our articles about this and what you need to do thrive online.

It’s worth remembering that on average, Local customers have a much higher level of commercial intent that other search engine visitors, so they should not be ignored.

In SEO terms increasingly all websites benefit from local signals so it is getting harder to rank as a local business, national firms will muscle in by optimizing for Local terms, as a business you should take action to defend your market.

As a local business you can miss out on the easiest to convert profitable traffic if your location is not properly managed. Our location management platform is the best available, the gold standard for local citations, register today and read our article about why, or request a call from our SEO team.

LocalAdworks can Help you to get all your local listings problems fixed fast, with our Business Listings service you can immediately correct problems and establish your online presence so your site can attract profitable traffic right away.

You will be amazed at the increase in website traffic, potential customer / client inquiries, and product / service sales you receive when your business listings (citations) are uniform and spread across the web. You will rank at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing when people search for what your company offers.

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