Professional White-Label SEO Solution – Brand Your Own SEO Reports


Showing the progress of your SEO campaigns is vital if you want to satisfy and retain clients. “What have you done for me lately?” is a question you may have heard from your clients many times. Clients want to understand the plan and see the progress of your SEO activities. You will want to provide them with well-designed and individually branded SEO reports on a schedule. The Localadworks Automatic Report Mailing tool is just what you need. Download sample reports

Automatic SEO Report Mailing Tool

The Automatic SEO Report Mailing tool is an inportant tool for busy website owners, SEO and Web marketing agencies subscribed to the Localadworks cloud-based SEO tools. The Automatic SEO Report Mailing tool allows you to create tasks for emailing customized SEO reports to clients that feature a specific appearance (logo, header, footer, color scheme).

LocalAdworks provides multi-functional branded SEO reports that can be delivered to clients in several ways:

  • Emailed manually as a PDF or CSV file;
  • Emailed automatically as a PDF file with a cover letter on a customizable schedule;
  • Published as read-only online SEO reports in your custom Agency brand.
  • Shared to any users of Localadworks platform;
  • Shared to any users of your agency branded SEO platform.

The integration of key performance data in one solid branded SEO report is crucial for the recognition of your SEO performance by a client. With the Localadworks SEO tools you can provide your clients with reports on the keywords you’ve researched, keyword rankings, backlinks, website errors, site SEO issues, social media buzz, etc.

The Automatic Report Mailing tool and the individually branded SEO reports are available in all the service plans of Localadworks.

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Scheduled Website SEO Audits

Automation of SEO reporting is a time-saving advantage that allows you to multi-task and increases the efficiency of your SEO campaigns. Localadworks provides you with mechanisms to schedule both the scanning of your websites and the subsequent mailing of SEO reports.

You can instruct Localadworks to perform scheduled scans of your websites with a frequency from once a day to once a quarter. The frequency of the scanning you can perform depends on your subscription (you can find more details on the pricing page and if the plans don’t suit your needs, please contact us about your needs for a custom plan).

Scheduled mailing of Professional SEO Reports with Your Own Agency Brand

Once the automatic scanning of a client’s website is scheduled, you can add a client to the Automatic Report Mailing tool and configure the delivery of your own agency branded SEO reports. Each of your clients’ SEO reports can be set to be emailed on a schedule. You can even customize a sending mail server (SMTP) to make sure that the SEO reports are dispatched from your servers. Alternatively do what many of our professional agency clients do, have reports delivered directly to your own in-house team, follow your own processes for review, action plans, client reporting and deliver a super slick value added complete managed service to your client. None of the agency related options are available to our basic free account subscribers.

Publishing of Agency Branded SEO Reports

Your clients can easily access to your reports any time from any computer. They just log on to your and view a SEO dashboard with your own agency logo to access their reports based on when you last scheduled them to be scanned. When you provide your clients with a website project dashboard. They can engage with the strategy watch the progress of your SEO activities . Both live online SEO reports and a view of a project dashboard are great in terms of client retention and for tracking any issues that pop up. They give your clients a feeling that the SEO reports are produced by your own online SEO tools, which raises the credibility of your SEO services.