The Google Gamble – Search Engine Optimization SEO Book for Small Business



The Google Gamble is a layman’s guidebook about Search Engine Optimization (Search engine optimization) for small businesses, entrepreneurs and early stage business venture.

The SEO guide explains in detail, clearly how search works, lays out Google secrets and helps  you create a search engine optimization plan.
This Google books explains Search engine optimization for newcomers . This Search Engine Optimization guide focuses on Search engine optimization for small businesses.

Does S.E.O. Scare you? Are you even sure how  “visitors” are defined by Google, or why they are essential to your business?

You do not need to have Computer Science degree to develop your enterprise online and offline. What you need to have is quality traffic,  visitors who are interested in what your site offers. The Google Gamble shows you how.
• Uncover how Google performs and what you need to do to continuously adapt
• Uncover out multi-level strategies that bring new leads to your business
• Find out how to locate and hire legitimate Search engine marketing assistance even though avoiding the charlatans

With The Google Gamble you are no longer gambling but making informed choices.
• What is traffic and how do I make it cold, warm, or smoking hot?
• Does my website have awesome Google-prepared content?
• What are meta-tags and how can they support me?
• What are backlinks and post advertising and marketing and how can they assist or even hurt me?
• Why is video is becoming a lot more powerful than internet copy?
• What is Google Analytics, why is it critical and how does it work?

“I’ve noticed CEOs employ so-referred to as Search engine optimisation specialists who use undesirable technique then boom! Google finds out and you get slapped. Your site visitors vanishes. Oops!”

Tim has written a selection of books on clarity, strategy and mindset with a specific focus on technologies and content.
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Tim Levy is an author, speaker, consultant and coach. He functions with CEOs and entrepreneurs on clarity, approach and mindset. He routinely speaks for peak organizations like Vistage International, CEOSpace International and Secret Knock. He has a distinct concentrate on web technologies and digital content material like books, CDs, on the web coaching and broadcast tv. Tim’s concentrate is to radically accelerate and allow very purposeful CEOs and entrepreneurs in their enterprise and private lives.

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