What’s Changed in Local SEO in 2016?

What’s New In Local SEO in 2016 and What to Do About It?

The relentless growth in mobile device browsing has been evident for several years but regardless many sites will still regard this as the secondary category browsing, well no more, please read on.

2016 is expected to be the first year in which the majority of spending, paid clicks and also organic traffic originates not from desktops and laptops but from smartphones and tablets.
What Does this Mean For Business?

Well if you haven’t already now is surely the time you must make your website responsive and friendly to all devices. Furthermore in your design process mobile devices need to be at the forefront of website design and not an afterthought. Mobile devices might not have the same screen real estate as other devices but as the mobile device UI is becomes the primary and often first medium,

The desktop websites reliance upon it will increase.

We will be adding more to this post, in particular the latest changes to Google+ and what it means for Localbusiness.
On the positive side Google+ has survived the latest changes but despite Google loving small businesses the latest changes at Google+ are not helpful for local businesses, it’s pretty clear they are focussing on communities and sharing, so where to go with your Social Media Campaigns?
You should have a base for your social media campaign but where? Basing your user base around Facebook is perceived by many as risky, they are know for changes of direction, sometimes rapid changes and the ongoing attempts at monetization certainly leave you wondering whether many will regret their Social Media Strategy and perhaps in the near future.