Is SEO Snake Oil? Does Google Hate SEO?


What is White Hat SEO and Does SEO Work?

If you repeat any word or phrase often enough, it's easy to soon lose any real sense of what it means, that certainly is the case with SEO, it's a phrase so often mentioned that sometimes it can seem like it's just some made up "internet marketing BS" another way to try and separate struggling businesses from their money by tricking them with made up theories of how organic search really works.

The situation is made worse by self proclaimed "authorities" arguing their perspective both for and against SEO, and worse still many seemingly plausible SEO services that failed to deliver that are taken as "proof" that SEO is a myth.

Under these circumstances it's no wonder that some webmasters have a degree of scepticism about SEO, and yes I am realistic and know for many readers that scepticism will extend to me and to this article, after all LocalAdworks is first and foremost a Search Engine Optimization service partner!

For that reason I included the Video about from Google's very own (ex) Spam supremo Mr Mat Cutts himself. He makes some very interesting and important points in the video and I would like to emphasize these points in particular,

  • SEO does work if it's done properly, but you do need a good SEO partner and to avoid bad SEO practices that are harmful.
  • Google welcomes SEO because it helps to deliver content that meets the searchers needs
  • SEO is sometimes abused "black-hat SEO"
  • White-Hat SEO techniques are outlined by Google in their Webmasters guide.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the basis of all our optimization Services.Before we develop any tools or perform any task on a client site we always consider things from the perspective of the Search engines to make sure that it is compliant with Google Webmasters rules, in other words it is white-hat SEO now and will remain White Hat in future too. We have many Managed SEO clients and have never had any client penalised by any search engine for work that we have done.

Back Link Profile

We use our own proprietary link building strategies, always white hat and built upon principles of creating long term value from a foundation of valuable content.In effect we market your site to end users and to the owners of relevant websites. This presents the site owners with the opportunity to build a link to a related website..but why would they do that? There are many reasons why but the short answer is because it enhances their own visitors experience, their website becomes a hub for valuable quality content that they can rely upon, of course that means that they must evaluate your website content to be relevant and high quality content that will be useful to their visitors but not threaten their own objectives.

As you can see it's all quite simple and common sense really!

Other Digital Marketing Services?

Please peruse our website, we do offer a complete range of marketing services including;

  • SEO tools
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