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I am Ben Carter from LocalAdworks we are one of the Top Online Local SEO and Attorney Marketers. We work with Law Firms and all types of other local businesses and my advice is …

“De-prioritize and Even Forget About Paid Ads And Realize That…

“Being At The Top Of Google Maps Will Bring You More More New Law Clients In A Week Than Any Other Source Can All Month. Period.”

“Over Reliance on Expensive Paid Advertising is a Marketing Strategy Flaw. “

“For Maximum Profits and Long-Term Growth Lawyers and Attorneys Should Prioritize Marketing Investment for Google Maps First and Then SEO.”

” Once Optimized in These Low Cost Channels Legal Clients can More Easily Build and Consolidate Market Share and Consider What Ongoing Role (if any) Paid Advertising Has in Their Marketing Mix. “

This may be the most controversial letter you’ll ever read about paid ads. We believe it may also be the most beneficial.


What do these law firms have in common?

One who went from barely surviving to getting an 8x return on their marketing investment and the other a 10x return in their first year alone…

How about a firm that went from $175,000 per year gross, to close to $1M per year in just 4 years? And then $2M/Year a few years later?

How about the struggling new attorney who was doing less than $5,000 per month…not even enough enough to pay student loans, his office rent and have a decent life to doing $35k last month?

The answer is simple: They all made it to the top of Google Maps, and then their phone began to ring off the hook.

You are on Page 1 of Google Maps aren’t you? If not read on…

But It Wasn’t Always This Way

They had tried expensive paid ads through Google Adwords.

Some had got burned with low quality, high priced Search Engine Optimization to get their site ranked that didn’t get results.

But something still wasn’t clicking.

The bottom line was something had to change and their low revenues were unsustainable, their business was not growing and it’s very existance was under threat.

Sound familar?

Want To Hear Something No One Else Is Talking About?

At LocalAdworks we make our living from getting results for clients, we are expert a performing SEO for Lawyers and other professionals. I want to tell you something pretty controversial that most SEO’s don’t even realise and if they do they don’t want clients to know because it might threaten their interests.

But…before we do we ask two simple things of you:

1. Understand that Organic SEO alone is not the complete answer to your silent phones, our organic SEO services will have a positive influence on the rank of a client’s ranking in Google maps, but usually that alone is not enough we need to extra work specifically on Google maps to get to the top rankings that transform businesses. Google Maps uses it’s own ranking algorithm, it’s complex and ever evolving. The maps algorithm is in an earlier stage of its evolution than the organic algorithm, this means it can change suddenly and to some inexplicably – some SEO’s even shift the blame for failure to the maps algorithm describing it as “random”. We understand the maps algorithm and in fact it is logical, it’s also flawed as one might expect at this stage of evolution! It uses the main Google Organic Search algorithm but there’s lots of extra factors too,we are experts in SEO both organic search ranking and Google Maps ranking.

2. Switch today to the understanding that the the online world has changed dramatically and is continuing to change, online marketing is largely a winner takes all situation – 97% of the sales from any search goes to businesses on the first page, the remaining 3% either just do another search or perhaps the thousands of businesses listed on page 2 and beyond can share it!

3. SEO is a quite young and unregulated marketing activity in a rapidly changing environment, “rank” is highly valuable it can make or break a business. SEO is a term that has grown from a rather narrow definition of ranking power in organic results to a wider term of ranking power in organic results in Google maps and even in the cost of paid search engine advertising. Similarly the factors that define a sites rank for any search have become hugely more sophisticated too, well over 200 signals are factored into organic search alone plus multi-level results localized for the searcher and customized for device used too. We are experts in optimization for organic search and Google maps, we follow a code of ethics and we deliver results not BS.

Everything has gone mobile,and if you aren’t highly placed on Google Maps, you are losing massive amounts of business and cold hard cash-to your competitors-every single day.

Our message is really quite simple:

We want you to know that as a leading attorney SEO provider, he have exhaustively tested and proved exactly what works, what doesn’t work and everything in between, it’s not magic or luck, its action based on research, knowledge and results.

We have helped grow slow practices into powerhouses of revenue and reversed declining revenues.

So here’s that controversial finding, along the way we learned that the vast majority of what lawyers spend on marketing is completely wasted.

That’s right, completely wasted.


Well in short, they spend too much on the wrong things and often no money or time is spent on the most important activities with the highest returns

“…We have reached 3 basic conclusions about what lawyers believe work to bring new business in online and what ACTUALLY works.

What follows are our conclusions.”

“The first is that lawyers do believe the old adage about marketing, they believe that half of all advertising works, they just don’t know which half.”

Lawyers spend massive amounts of money every month on paid ads such as Google Adwords…with costs per clicks of $15, $30, $65 and even $100 and they are not tracking in detail which spending is profitable and what is simply cost.

…often they don’t know if their advertising expenditure as a whole even results in profitable new business.”

“The second, is that lawyers have been told if they just do regular SEO (aka organic SEO which aims to return the target site highly in the organic search results section of the search engine results page) and have their site ranked highly organically, that their phones will ring off the hook.”

It’s not really true, notice the dominance of “middlemen” such as Avvo, Findlaw and Yelp strong competitors that have invested a great deal to achieve rank. Often it does not make commercial sense for independent law firms to try to compete directly with these firms for rank on many keywords. In any case these “middlemen” do offer some advantages to the consumer, real advantages that relate to a marketplace like:

  • A choice of suppliers
  • The belief that the marketplace will force Lawyers to compete and therefore they will get the best value.
  • The opportunity to read “independent reviews”
  • The misguided feeling that they rely on good service because the website marketplace can apply pressure in the event of a complaint.

The downside of course is that some of these perceived benefits to the customer are not really there and most important of all, often the marketplace fees themselves are very substantial and must be recovered from clients – something that most customers fail to consider.

With Organic Search , your rank results will vary for a multitude of reasons, it will depend on the lawyer, the searcher, the device they are searching on, their location, any of the 200+ other ranking signals and even the time of day!

“The real truth, is that 60-70% of all searches occur on a mobile phone or mobile device and that usually the first place your potential client looks is your Google Maps listing…

…In fact Google purposely lists Maps on top of organic listings, so organic listings alone will not bring as much direct traffic as they did previously (yet still remembering organic rank impacts map rank and therefore indirectly produces traffic via Google maps).”

Many lawyers have a Google Maps listing, but often it’s buried on page 2 or 4 , as a result it’s rarely ever seen and even when it is seen nearly all browsers dismiss the listing in preference for a listing that is ranked more highly.

Without the ability to see what your practice is all about AND more importantly read reviews about you…all in one spot…they move on to the next lawyer who has this in place.

This is just the cold hard truth about SEO and Google map listings.”

“My third observation, Brian says is that Lawyers are left in the dark and can’t track where their leads are coming from, if they are getting leads at all.

What is needed is a way to track every call that comes in and trace it to the source so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Law practices today might know that someone sent them a referral.

But when it comes to new business coming in from an online source, they simply have no idea.”

So Brian has meticulously tested these three observations over the past several years and came to the conclusion that:

“Good, hard working lawyers are being left out in the cold, trying to eek out a living because they have no clue how to get ranked in the dog-eat-dog, competitive world of Google Maps.”

What’s worse, Brian adds, “is that many of these lawyers have hired SEO firms and paid massive amounts of money to them and these SEO firms themselves have no idea what it takes to get the lawyers ranked on maps.”

Let’s Face It, High Maps Placement And Visibility Has Never Been More Important To The Growth Of Your Practice. .

It’s estimated that if you are in the top 3 positions on Maps for the major keyword terms searched by your potential client, you stand to take down 50% or more of the traffic for that keyword.

Compare that with the measily 3-5% traffic you have to share with every other advertiser on Google Adwords. Oh and…pay dearly for the “privelege” of being there.

And for what?

Once they get to your site, you are lucky if you are converting 1 in 10 visitors to a paying client.

What’s this mean? Thousands down the drain trying to acquire new clients.

Why Not Let Google Maps Do The Heavy Lifting For You?

Not only does a highly ranked Google Maps listing get 10x or more the amount of traffic as paid ads and organic search results, but it converts for you.

…IF you do it just right.

What’s just right?

Start with a highly optimized listing…then go out and build hundreds of matching listings on other third party sites…

…work hard to get all of your website factors dialed in…all to create trust with Google…that your listing is worthy of being on Page 1.

Then, month after month, you have to work to keep it there.

It’s No Wonder Almost No SEO Provider Knows What They Ae Doing When It Comes To Consistently Garnering Page 1 Maps Listings For Lawyers

Most SEO firms will promise law firms the moon…or at least a top maps listing and it just never happens.

Why? Because ranking highly on Maps is a science.

It’s completely different than SEO.

It has it’s own set of rules.

It’s literally a battle, and the best armed people win.

Now once that listing is ranked, we aren’t done.

You have to then make sure it stays there AND you must get frequent good reviews to stand out among the other 6 competitors.

But if you do this-new clients are yours for the choosing.

Those potential clients, searching for services like yours are going to pick you.

Your client sees your listing, sees all the review stars, clicks through, reads reviews..Picks up the phone, pre-soldready to hire you.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

It works and it works very, very well.

So well, that you could cut your entire paid ad budget down, and SEO budget and just rely on Maps.

But not so fast. It’s not an easy task to get lawyer listings ranked on Maps…and it’s no easy task to keep them there.

It requires persistance and someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Brian Has Become The “Go To Person” For All Things Related To Lawyers And Google Maps.

In fact, he was just asked to contribute to the top online course teaching other SEO’s how to properly build and maintain maps listings in highly competitive niches.

This course has helped thousdands of SEOs, and Brian has now been overwhelmed with requests for interviews and private coaching.

But what he really cares about are helping his clients drastically increase their revenues by flooding them with leads and new clients-all from Google Maps.

For Years, You Could Not Get The Expert Lawyer Maps Services We Are About To Tell You About Unless You Paid Thousands Per Month As Part Of A Full SEO Package

But now…

For a very limited time, you can get a Page 1 Maps listing for your top keywords in your City.

This means more leads, more phone calls and more closed business for you.

And It’s 100% Guaranteed!

Brian and the crew at Attorney Profit Systems are offering something unprecedented.

They are so confident that they will get you a Page 1 Google Maps listing, that they will guarantee they will get you there in 90 days or less.

If they fail to do it in 90 days, you don’t pay another dime until they do.

And, you can cancel at anytime. There are no lengthy contracts. Just a simple month-to-month agreement fully guaranteed to get you results!

Who Is This For And Not For?

It’s obviously not for lawyers who are already highly ranked on Google Maps. It’s also not for lawyers who primarily handle business to business types of transactions.

But for every other lawyer-even if you are working with an SEO company or Google Adwords provider and you are UNSATISFIED with the promised results…if you’ve been waiting around and you are still not on Maps…

…for every lawyer who wants to get their phone seriously ringing week in and week out…

…then this limited time, 100% guaranteed Page 1 Google Maps program is for you.

So What Does This Cost?

Considering that once you have a top lawyer maps listing, you can drastically cut your ad budget down and even slow your SEO efforts, we thought about charging $1500 per month or more for this service.

We’d be crazy not to right?

I mean we have acheived Page 1 rankings for EVERY lawyer we’ve ever worked with. Period.

Plus we are guarateeing you get Page 1 results in only 90 days or we stop billing you completely until you do.

We routinely get paid $2k per month to just do maps in bigger cities for highly copmpetitive law niches.

So we could easily charge that much.

We also get asked to “clean up the mess” of other law firm SEO providers and do private coaching for SEO’s who are good at getting organic rankings but have no idea what it takes to get top Maps rankings.

But we decided we wanted to make this affordable for the small law firms of the world…

…the solo practitioners who are ready to take action and start really seeing their phone ring off the hook.

So for a limited time, we are offering our 100% guaranteed Google Maps program for just $550/Month.

$550 is a drop in the bucket when you stop and think that just one client per month more than covers your investment.

I mean I know divorce lawyers who routinetly get $8k-$15kretainers.

Estate planning lawyers who charge $5k for a full estate plan… bankruptcy lawyers who charge thousands…

…criminal and DUI lawyers who get a minimum fee of $5k per case and don’t even get me started on you personal injury attorneys!

If you are charging less than $550 for a case, then you and I should have a serious chat about you charging what you are worth.

So one new client will easily cover the $550, and once the Localadworks google map ranking machine fires up, you are ranked highly on Maps, you have reviews…only one new client per month from our Maps program is HIGHLY unlikely.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. See What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

“In our first year our law firm hired Ben Carter from Localadworks to generate business on the internet. The return on investment was fantastic. We estimate over $200,000 in new business was a direct result of Ben’s efforts. I have never found a better or simpler marketing strategy and we had literally tried everything before we found Ben” Bill, Sterling Heights MI

“We grew from $185k a year to nearly $1 Million a year for my divorce law practice. Ben is hands down the best attorney marketer I have used, if I had got those results with my other marketers I would have retired by now” Paul, Jackosnville, FL

“Ben is an online marketing machine! He not only knows how to get leads online but he helped me turn them into paying clients! Normally I just worry whether these guys are really switched on at all, but it was not like that with Ben, he is smart and motivated, having someone so relentless and skilled was awesome I fely like i had a team He’s an amazing business strategist and I’d recommend him over and over again because he just gets it, I never once had a concern it was an awesome experience and very profitable .” Mark, Houston TX

“Thanks to Ben’s advice and expert marketing services the phone at my law firm started ringing again and I just landed a $7k client” Richard, Riverside CA

“If you are looking for someone to do marketing for your company you need to call Ben Carter. His no BS approach and drive were an inspiration, he kept us informed every step of the way, he did what he said he would and we got better results with LocalAdworks than any of our other marketing partners that cost four times as much! I really believe he will make sure you get better results faster than any marketer than I know of. He is extremely knowledgeable, ethical, logical and genuinely wants your business to succeed, perfect marketing partner” Shawn, Denver, CO

Here’s What To Do Next

Click the big yellow “Add To Cart Button” below. You’ll be taken to a secure payment processor to make payment.

From there, you’ll fill out a little information for us, and we’ll get started on your listing right away.

Your listing will be professionally optimized by the leading Google Maps for lawyers expert in the industry.

Then just sit back and relax while we build, optimize and rank your Maps listing on Google places

Then do us a favor and let us know how you are enjoying all of the new leads and business coming in. 🙂


Ben Carter


P.S. If you are on the fence, that’s ok. This isn’t for every one. Some lawyers have enough business through word of mouth and referrals or going to Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Some lawyers are just in a rut and are afraid to grow their practice.

But for most lawyers, they want a steady stream of new leads and business, and as Ben mentioned-there’s really only one place that does that consistently and that’s Google Maps.

P.P.S. It’s a mobile world we live in and no one, and I mean no one makes a decision without reading reviews about you online first.

Put your practice front and center at the top of Google Maps and make it easy for your client to make the right decision and hire you.

Ok one more..P.P.P.S. Ben is known as a top maps expert for law firms and lawyers, law is one of the most competitive market to rank in in the world, it’s tough! So trust me when I say that if he can rank Lawyers then he can definitely rank your business in other niches . When other SEO’s run into obstacles with their client’s maps listings, Ben just ploughs right on through the ranks every time.

He could literally write the book on Maps for lawyers and is a sought optimization expert. So don’t worry you are in the best hands possible.

Click the Big Yellow button below to get started and I’ll see you on the the other side. To every one else, good luck with your ventures!


100% Guarantee!


We’re ready to prove everything we claim. Let Ben and his team of experts rank your maps listing and see how your business is transformed yourself within the next 100 DAYS. If the Maps service does not live up to your expectations then. I don’t want your money, and we’ll pause any payments until you have you ranked on page 1. No hassles.

PLUS you can cancel your subscription at any time for any reason or no reason at all. You are not locked into any long term agreement. We are happy to take the risk and earn your trust because we are confident that when you see the results and make profit you’ll be more than happy just like our other clients .

When you see the stellar results, we don’t think you’ll want to cancel, but for your peace of mind you have that option any time all of the time!

Get A Guaranteed Page High Ranking Google Maps Listing For Your Law Practice For Just $550/Month!

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