Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximise Revenue with Conversion Rate Optimization

Monetizing Website Traffic

Extra traffic is great but you need to convert site visitors into paying customers. Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO) is the process of making the best use of the traffic a site gets.

Pure website traffic can be very profitable in it’s own right if your business model is an advertising model based upon affiliate commissions for example but in most cased websites have an objective to convert a website visitor to become OUR customer.

Website Conversion Goals

Your conversion goal will depend upon your business model, many websites aim to convert visitors into regular visitors or subscribers to increase exposure to revenue generating advertising but often the ultimate aim is to sell either a physical item or a service although that aim might be achieved by first achieving a serious of connected aims prior to this. A typical example of this is a sales funnel, generate traffic, collect an email in return for an email, earn a newsletter subscription, earn a subscription to a trial product or service, convert a trial customer into a full customer!

Often we can make the sales process much simpler with a compelling offer that is perfectly pitched and earn a real customer very quickly but to do that takes careful thought, planning and experience. Think of your own browsing experiences when you visit sites how often do you buy from the first site you visit? If you visit a site that disappoints do you leave fast with the intention to never return? Think of the potential cost to your business if that is the experience that your visitors have. It makes sense to make the very best use of all the traffic that your site gains, through SEO we help to attract higher volumes of engaged users, potential customers. Using CRO we maximize your site’s conversion of those visitors.
Conversion Rate Optimization is Profitable!

Conversion Optimization is the process of making improvements to your website with theaim of increasing the number of users who ‘convert’. As mentioned above, conversion can be defined in different ways dependent upon your model, but a general definition is:

“An action or series of actions that the website owner wants the visitor to take, these actions will reflect the wider business goals, and could include many things like as a purchase transaction, larger baskets, a quote or enquiry, newsletter sign-up, promotion sign ups, a ebook download or a social share.”

Your conversion rate is simply the proportion of your website users that convert, and a typical conversion rate for an eCommerce website is often quoted around 2-3%. By making your website more efficient and effective, you can maximize the value of your traffic, making you more money in the process.

Take notice of your traffic conversion rates, If your website is currently converting at 1% then an improvement to 2% will double your sales without any extra traffic, that’s worth working for!

Conversion Rate Optimization Describes a process where you refine how you offer and what you offer to site visitors. The approach will include tests on your website, serving different content to different users, in order to measure the impact upon conversion before implementing the version that performs best.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a continual process – even when you reach conversion Nirvana, things can change so it pays to keep an eye on conversion rates and to have a testing regime.

How We Can Help You

When Designing and Building new websites, we Design From the Ground Up with Successful Conversion in mind.

Define How You Want Visitors to Behave? To begin with we will help you to decide on the conversion goals you want visitors to your website to achieve. Having defined your aims we design your website from the ground up with your conversion goals in mind – this is an important approach that makes a huge difference to the performance of your website, it will mean that your website can maximise conversions from the start and avoid wasting time and money. .

Once the project is finished we do not just leave you, if you want to this can be a longer working relationship. We will set in place a monitoring routine that you can use yourself and you can contact us any time you feel the CRO needs attention, we like to work with customers and are happy to keep optimizing your website according to the latest trends and marketing techniques so that you can maximise traffic conversion.

I have a Website Already, can you still help me?

Off course, we’d be happy to!.

In Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), sites are frequently referred to as “Leaky Buckets”. The water leaking from the bucket is customers or money! Our aim when performing CRO is to plug all of those leaks as far as we can and when we do that we maximize the sales that your website makes.

We start by analzsing your website and identify precisely where all the leaks are and consider why they are happening.

Next we can start to consider the ways in which we can fix the leaks, every website is unique and this requires some careful thought and experience to get to the best solution as quickly as possible.

We agree a Fixing Strategy with the client and an implementation plan. The new solutions are implemented and tested over a period of time and any uncertainties are further tested with A/B testing.

Upon completing the test period we will compile results. They should show that we have stopped theleaks inyour website traffic and will now be able to make more money from the same traffic.

Is Your Website Ready to Sell?

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