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"Our Concierge SEO Plans Offer Affordable Assisted SEO, Because SEO Success Starts With a Professional Grade Toolset and Expert Support"
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Why Do SEO?

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Organic traffic and SEO is a cornerstone of the Marketing Plan for successful businesses Businesses of all types are being transformed by optimizing their website to attract search engine visitors looking for the goods and services that they need or want. For more than 20 years the world has steadily become more digitised and internet usage has vastly increased. During 2020 the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic has created a huge spike in the growth of online activity, around the world internet based businesses have seen record breaking growth as more people use the internet for work, research, socialising, entertainment and shopping.

Don’t be left behind now is the time to join the digital world, claim your stake and ride the market growth.

Read on for some interesting facts about Search Engine marketing:

SEO Traffic is the Best Traffic You Can Get

SEO is the practice of website optimization to maximise it’s performance on Search Engines like Google and Bing

Many people think that SEO only increases website traffic but SEO is far more powerful than that SEO doesn’t just deliver more traffic it delivers more sales.

SEO is the most cost effective way to achieve business growth and long-term increase in the value of your business.

The reason Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so effective is that SEO increases both the volume and the quality of site visitors, in short it delivers more sales by delivering more website traffic and also better website traffic because it has a far higher conversion rate.

Five Reasons Why SEO is More Profitable Than Any Other Marketing Technique

Cheapest SEO tools

There are a many different reasons that search engine traffic is so valuable.

Here are just some of the important ways that Organic traffic from Search Engines like Google is so valuable:

  • The Volume of Website Visitors

    No marketing technique can compete with the volume of traffic that can be generated from Search Engines, it's huge.
    When you use our different keyword research tools you quickly discover that there are thousands of different valuable keyword search phrases used for even the simplest of businesses and markets, all you need to do to access that traffic is optimize your website.

  • Better Traffic - High Intent Traffic That Converts

    SEO delivers the visitor to exactly the right content that matches their current intent, wherever they are in the buying process this creates the opportunity for the seeds of business growth prospect awareness and engagement.

    SEO matches the search engine user's intent with appropriate content when this is combined with appropriate Calls to Action search marketing is a powerful way to create business growth.
    SEO makes engagement and conversion so much easier!

  • Website Visitors Preprogrammed to Convert

    Search engines have become so good at delivering the best answers to users that there is a high level of trust in the the organic results from search engine queries, the search engine algorithm delivers such high quality answers and users are conditioned to trust the results.
    In other words they feel their search for the best answers is over and they quickly move from the "researching" stage to taking action in the "engagement and purchasing stage".

    Countless research studies support the strong preference of search engine users to click and buy from top ranking websites instead of paid advertisements, studies suggest that 9x more clicks go to top ranking websites versus paid adverts.

  • Long Lasting Benefits of SEO

    Marketing that relies on paid advertising is often likened to a light switch, you need to pay to get any business and as soon as you stop paying you get no business. The continual ongoing expense involved in paid advertising is not sustainable when successful competitors benefit from so much free traffic from search engines..

    SEO has long lasting benefits, once a website ranks for a range of keywords they the ranks tend to be "sticky" there are many technical SEO reasons for this but search engine algorithm signals for click through rates, time on site, reviews, backlinks, pages viewed, return visits, brand searches and much more all tend to improve significantly once a website is optimized - that means a well optimized website tends to consolidate it's strong position at the top of search results and also expand it's ranking power generally to attract even more search engine traffic.

  • Higher ROI for SEO v's Paid Advertising

    The Return on Investment (ROI) for paid advertising has been steadily falling for years.

    You can spend a small fortune on paid advertising every day but there is still no guarantee that you will make a single sale!

    The cost of paid advertising has been increasing for years and prices will keep on increasing.
    Alongside increasing PPC prices competition continues to increase too, this "double impact" to the ROI on paid advertising means that even seasoned professional marketers who are skilled in crafting adverts and copywriting have to pay much more to get site visitors now and many are finding it almost impossible to make paid advertising profitable and there is no end in sight for the decreasing ROI for Pay Per Click marketing spend.

    If you are a novice at paid advertising and haven't mastered the skills of copywriting, image or video creation, targeting, retargeting, campaign optimization, funnel building and conversion optimization then prepare for a long, steep and expensive learning curve to try and make paid advertising profitable for you.

    It's the norm for new advertisers to spend large sums on paid adverts before they ever get sales, many advertisers never get back the money they spent on paid advertising

    Wondering just how expensive it can be? See these examples of how expensive paid advertising has become across a range of niches, and remember this is the price "per click" ie. just for one website visitor not an actual customer!
    That means that if your conversion rate for website visitors is say 2% then you would need to pay for 50 clicks on average to get just one customer!

    Average Pay Per Click Costs

    • "Moving Quote" $10.00 per click!
    • "kitchen renovation contractor" $21.19 per click!
    • "Bathroom contractor" $20.55 per click!
    • "exterior painting contractor" $14.58 per click!
    • "Plumber los Angeles" $61.27 per click!
    • "San Diego plumber" $61.65 per click!
    • "electrical contractors miami" $37.45 per click!
    • "best kitchen remodel contractor near me" $32.04 per click!
    • "Car accident injury attorney" $520.64 per click!
    • "Auto accident Attorney" $320.84 per click!
    • "Personal liability litigation" $739.84 per click!
    • "Auto injury lawyer $205.60 per click!
    • "How to pick a lawyer" $208.99 per click!
    • "Asbestos lawyer" $130.82 per click!
    • "Portland DUI lawyer $175.52 per click!
    • "Portland dental office" $33.05 per click!
    • "Gilbert dentist" $18.55 per click!
    • "best ny movers" $44.00 per click!
    • "Long distance Moving companies " $34.62 per click!
    • "Moving quote" $29.64 per click!
    • "Moving Companies Dallas" $22.64 per click!
    • "Miami Bankruptcy lawyer" $52.65 perclick!
    • "Bankruptcy attorney Houston" $36.82 per click!
    • "lawyer NYC" $34.57 per click!
    • "Divorce Attorney Atlanta" $26.66 per click!
    • "Chemistry tutor " $28.86 per click!
    • "Buy car insurance online " $151.28 per click!
    • "Car insurance" $134.66 per click!
    • "car insurance online " $110.64 per click!
    • "elderberry and warfarin" $40.91 per click!
    • "Rehab Florida" $66.98 per click!
    • "laser hair removal miami" $28.32 per click!
    • "Divorce law Attorney" $150.69 per click!
    • "Riverside Divorce Attorney" $60.61 per click!
    • "Divorce law Attorney" $150.69 per click!
    • "Dental hygienist recruitment" $85.61 per click!
    • "Dental equipment financing" $48.06 per click!
    • "Divorce law Attorney" $150.69 per click!
    • "Denver web design" $45.66 per click!
    • "Botox service" $25.41 per click!
    • "Buy homes fast" $145.41 per click!
    • "non keurig k cups" $12.41 per click!

    • Compare those costs per click to the cost of SEO, the sums invested are relatively small and crucially the expenditure is an investment in your own asset, making your website better so that your website can become your best salesman that never stops working for you all day, all night, every weekend, never goes on vacation is never off sick and won't ask for a pay rise!

"Can New Customers Find Your Site on the Net?"

Try Bens Simple SEO Test!

"In a search engine enter a niche generic search term like "Riverside plumber" or 'dentist Baltimore" or 'Miami divorce lawyer' or "Marietta Realtor" and take a look to see where your site appears in the results.

If your site is NOT in the first 3 results then you are losing thousands of customers to competitors
Ben Carter SEO LocalAdworks
Ben Carter
VP Customer Success

How Important Is It To Appear in Search Results?

Without a doubt these days it’s crucial that potential customers can find your site by using search engines, here is why:

Research shows that the internet is central now to almost all purchasing decisions.

Approximately 96% of all non grocery purchases involve the use of the internet, often many times throughout the entire purchasing process.

Even when making “offline” purchases either face to face in a store or perhaps over the phone, customers still use the internet for research to search for other options, better offers, opinions, advice and of course customer reviews too.

Simply having a website is only a start, all it means is that searchers who know your brand can search for you and will probably find your website, but just being present on the net is rarely good enough, there is a world of difference between being present on the net and being prominent on the net for search terms relevant to your website.

Remember that the majority of the potential market don’t know your brand, so they will never search for you by your brand name.

To get more new customers your website needs to appear on the first page of results for relevant non-branded search terms – here is why -Over 86% of Search engine users never look past the first page of results, so if your website is not appearing on the first page of the Search engine results you are missing out on over 86% of the market!

See below for more Google Search Engine data that shows why ranking in search engine results is so important to successful businesses and why SEO is the Most Profitable Marketing Investment that you can make.

Fun Facts About SEO and Search Engine Traffic

Click the subtitles below to read more

The Google search engine doesn’t just lead the market it practically owns it, Google is #1 with a whopping 93% share of the worlds search market.

In Global terms the rest of the market is shared between other search engines, Bing is #2 with just a 2.4% share and #3 is Yahoo with a share of just 1.6%.

In the USA, Google is still #1 with 64% market share, while Bing/Yahoo share the remaining 36%.

If you can only track your rank on one set of search results it’s a safe bet that you should track on the Google search engine, for your geographical target market, whether that is a town, a city, a county, a region, a state or a country. Also unless you know that your customers strongly prefer desktop devices you should prioritize tracking rank for search results using mobile devices.

Conversion rates for SEO traffic are almost 9x higher than other sources of traffic, think about that for a moment, from the same volume of traffic 900% more sales, and it doesn’t stop there because search engine users click on the organic search results about four times as often as paid adverts, ranking your site can increase your sales by 45x! The old techniques of “interruption marketing” aren’t completely dead but they definitely don’t work like they used to, paid advertising is getting more expensive and less effective too.

In the 21st century information age everything is expected “on demand”, consumers ask the searcgh engine for what they want or need and they expect to get it – fast!

Consumers are time and attention poor, they are continually bombarded with far too much information so capturing their attention is harder than ever, attempts at interruption with marketing are mostly ignored by necessity and seldom appreciated.

The consumer has been empowered by the internet and rightfully expects to find the information they want , when they want it, ie on demand.

SEO is about making sure your website is highly visible when it is relevant and when that happens visitors are almost nine times more likely to engage with your website and become customers, it’s simple really! Leads from search engines have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (ex. cold-calling, direct mail, etc.) have a 1.7% close rate.

That’s right nearly all online activities like non-grocery shopping, researching, booking and enquiring start with the use of a search engine.
In addition even when the online experience didn’t start with using a search engine say for example a link is clicked from an email or on social media, when the user is engaged in activities like purchasing or booking they practically always involve the the use of search engines as part of the research before making a purchase, no business can afford to ignore this information if they want to thrive.

The vast majority of search engine users only click on organic results and ignore paid adverts, research data repeatedly shows that organic ranking will generate about 900% more traffic than paid adverts.

The reasons for this are that visitors know that paid results are only shown because they paid and not on merit in that sense search engines have become a victim of their own success, organic search delivers such high quality results that they have an implied quality to them which has two very important effects:

  • 9 times more users click on the organic results versus paid adverts.
  • Organic Search Visitors are far more likely to convert into customers and prospects SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.
Many businesses rely on customers from their local area and often those business make sales “in person” either face to face in a store or over the telephone, sales of this type are described as “offline sales”. It’s very common for the owners of these businesses to make a mistake about the origin of offline sales, the mistake is that they believe that all the offline sales they make are due to “footfall” sometimes called “passing trade” and that therefore the internet, websites, search engines and SEO are all irrelevant to them, its a huge mistake and the research data shows that clearly, take a look a some of the statistics that show how crucial an online presence is to being successful for a local business:
  • 50% of people who performed a local search on their phone went to a physical store within one day.
  • 34% of people who performed a their search on a computer or tablet went to a physical store within one day.
  • 18% of local searches made with a mobile phone lead to a sale within one day.
  • 60% of American adults perform searches for local services or product information on tablets and smartphones.
  • 50% of searchers using mobile phones to conduct local searches are looking for things like a local business address before a physical visit to the business.
  • 78% of local-based searches on a mobile device result in a purchase being made “offline” i.e in a physical store.
  • 71% of people say that they search for the location of a business to confirm it exists before visiting the physical business location for a first-time visit.
  • 33% searches using a smartphone are conducted immediately before arriving at a physical store.
  • 97% of consumers search online for local businesses in 2017, 12% of consumers search online for a local business of some type every day.
Affordable SEO Tools
"Our Concierge SEO Plans Offer Affordable Assisted SEO, Because SEO Success Starts With a Professional Grade Toolset and Expert Support"
Ben Carter SEO LocalAdworks
Ben Carter
VP Customer Success

The Top SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Just How Valuable Is Website Optimization?

In any niche you can think of ranking high in the Search Engine Results page is extremely valuable, SEO is widely accepted as the most profitable marketing investment that you can make in your business.

Research shows that the internet is central now to almost all purchasing decisions, approximately 96% of all non grocery purchases involve the use of the internet, no business can afford to ignore that!

Furthermore usually customers will use the internet multiple times throughout their entire research and purchasing process, so providing your website is ranking for relevant keywords you will have several opportunities to showcase the goods and services that you offer to potential new customers.

Calculate your own Return on Investment by clicking our nifty SEO Profitability calculator to see how much you could make from optimizing your website.

"We Have a Store/Business Location, Is SEO Worth It For Us?"

You may wonder if internet marketing matters if most or all of your sales come from “in person” visits and calls. Many businesses make most of their sales in face to face transactions. The customers those business sell to could be genuine “footfall customers” that happened to either walk or drive by their business premises, but don’t assume that all those customers arrived without doing any internet research, because the statistics tell us that is highly unlikely, 96% of non-grocery purchases are made after using the internet.

What count’s as passing trade has also changed;

  • People are more mobile than ever plus they no longer need to literally “see” a store to find it, they use the internet to find what they need in convenient local locations, or have it delivered.

  • Customers use mobile phones to find what they need “on the go“, as they go about their lives.

  • No matter how good your business location is the number of potential customers that walk by your business location will be very low compared to the true volume of potential customers looking for your goods or services on the net.

    Also remember that 96% of the time for non-grocery purchases, even for these “offline purchases” those customers use the internet for research and to look for other options, offers, opinions, advice and of course reviews before making a buying decision. Finally if your business makes sales from customers calling on the telephone, consider how did they become aware of your business, were they walking by or did they find your business from internet research?

    Branded Searches - Don't Fall for The Rookie Error

    Website owners sometimes make the mistake of thinking they don’t need to optimize their website, it goes something like this:

    “I Googled our name and we already appear on page one, so we don’t need to optimize the site, right?”

    Wrong, because ranking for your own name is only going to bring a tiny proportion of the potential site visitors, after all the only people who will search for your name are people who already knew about you right? When search engine users search for your brand and use your specific brand in the search term it’s called a “Branded Search

    Branded searches are great, Google loves them too! Provided your brand is unique enough or the search term gives enough information – the search engine can usually understand the Searcher’s intent and deliver the exact result they wanted to find right away at the top of the list of results, that makes the user happy which in turn makes Google very happy too!

    However remember that unless your business happens to be “Apple Computers” or “Amazon” or another major brand that dominates it’s niche so much that most of the potential market simply search with your brand name, then you are losing a lot of business. The vast majority of searches don’t use a branded search term, they use a generic search term such as “hvac service” or “nail salon Boca” or “San Antonio Medspa”.

    It’s simple, unless your site ranks in the top 3 search results for these types of “generic Keyword Search Phrases” then you are losing the vast majority of potential new customers.

    It’s worth noting that Branded Searches tend to be BOTFBottom of the Funnel” meaning the user has high intent and is often closer to taking an engagement action like joining a newsletter, making a call, making a booking, appointment, purchase or enquiry.

    Here are some examples of branded searches, “Sherr Law Group”, “Jaybridge Construction”, “Morrels Bistro Spokane”, “Macys” “the Ivy London”, “Ascott Family dental”, “FastTrack Auto Service”

    The thing to remember is that for nearly all businesses ranking in the results for a Branded Search is just a bare minimum requirement, it’s certainly not an indication your website is fully optimised.

    Most important of all is to understand that for most businesses Brand Searches are only the tip of the iceberg, to really grow a business through search requires that your website is recognized as relevant to more generic search terms and ranks for those keyword searches too.

    SEO can help your website be recognized as relevant to more keyword phrases – including generic search terms and to rank higher in the search engine results too and that is how you can attract new customers that were not even aware your business existed or what it offers.

    Here are some examples of valuable generic search terms these types of keywords can bring new customers that were not aware a particular brand existed:

    “Free Consultation Lawyer Miami”, “auto repair Boca”, “lap top repair NYC”, “best anti virus for windows”, “Baltimore plumbers”, “Denver HVAC”
    Best Budget SEO Service Offer

    How Much Difference Does SEO Make?

    The morbid joke above is based upon the reality that when using search engines practically nobody ever looks beyond the first page of the SERPS (search engine results page).

    The truth is that unless your website appears on the first page of the SERPS it’s largely “invisible”.

    This is comprehensively backed up by a wide variety of research studies that show that between 85 to 95% of the time search engine users never look beyond the first page of search results!

    If the search engine user doesn’t find a result they want to click, they simply do another search or just leave ( a “No Click Search“) rather than even looking at the second page of results – the data and message is very clear, to get traffic from search engines your website has to appear on the first page results.

    What’s worse is that even in the tiny number of cases where the user does look beyond page 1, every page further down the results there is less chance of the user clicking your website

    There are 10 organic results per page therefore at best if your site is on page 2 you have a 1 in 20 chance of getting a click from the 5% of searches that result in checking results after the first page, so if a term is searched 1000 times per month, just 50 people will look at page 2 and if you are on page 2 the chances of a click are at best 1 out of 20, so 2.5 clicks!

    However it’s even worse than that because click analysis gives a more accurate and even lower prediction, approximately 98% of the time a searcher actually clicks any result ( as opposed to a “No Click Search”) then they click on page 1 results only, leaving just 2% for page 2 and beyond, that means out of 1000 searches that result in a click just 20 clicks will be shared between all the other results on page 2 and beyond, that’s far too low for almost any business to survive.
    With every page further down the results the chances of getting a click dramatically diminish.

    You don’t need to take my word for this, just consider your own browsing habits or check your site’s own CTR ( click through rate) for search terms where your website appears on page 2 or beyond.

    "for every business there are literally thousands of keyword searches that you can optimize for,
    see for yourself how much you can make every month if your website is optimized for search engines!"

    Try Our Handy SEO Profit Calculator Click Here to Check!
    Ben Carter SEO LocalAdworks
    Ben Carter
    VP Customer Success

    Effective Professional Marketing Services

    When your customers are professional marketers and business owners you need to deliver results and high quality services.
    We only offer effective, reliable services otherwise what's the point?

    Marketing that Creates Profit

    It's all about return, every business knows it needs to invest but we don't believe in running a business like a lottery- prudent investment and maximum returns are key.

    Lasting Results and Maximum Returns

    Our aim is to create the maximum return on any investment of time or money.
    That means our services are always built around return and long term benefit.

    Knowledge and Action is Power

    Our SEO tools are second to none and we truly mean that.
    Armed with the right information effective action is just so easy, forget about the "try and hope" approach that never seems to work.

    Who is This SEO Service For?

    Any Website Owner or Business Interested in Growth

    The Importance of a Customized SEO Strategy

    Every business is unique, different target markets, different customer avatars, different geographical targets and different products, and just as importantly many businesses change overtime, perhaps targeting new markets, customer types or selling new goods and services. There is no “one size fits all” for effective marketing so why limit yourself with marketing tools?

    Getting the best possible results from SEO or any marketing requires that you know all about the business, the business niche and all about marketing too, that’s why when we perform client SEO we work with the client and perform extensive research, using the concierge SEO plan is a great strategy because after all nobody knows your business and customers as well as you.
    • SEO for Small Businesses

      Small businesses often have tight budgets and busy multi-tasking owners.

      Our Website Optimization Plan Offers:

      • The lowest price professional optimization platform.

      • True Professional SEO Tools to with the power to get the job done better and faster.

      • Configurable tools for a Custom SEO Strategy that fits your business and your market.

      • Adaptable SEO tools that can be reconfigured to fit your business perfectly as it grows.

      • A full range of SEO project support resources including:

        • Detailed SEO guide, not just a generic SEO guide but an expert SEO guide, upto date with all the best SEO practices and written specifically for the LocalAdworks platform.

        • SEO checklists, to keep your project on track and ensure it's optimised for maximum performance.

        • Record notes inside your project, never lose track of what's been done, ensure that your website is optimised perfectly for maximum performance with no wasted time or work
        • Expert SEO articles, "deep dive SEO articles" and the latest in website optimization techniques, upto date with SEO best practices, Google webmasters guidance and written specifically for the LocalAdworks platform.

        • SEO FAQ's , if you have SEO Questions you can be sure that it's been asked before and we will continually update SEO FAQ's with new questions and the most upto date answers.

        • SEO Knowledge Base., our knowledge base is continually growing as we add more support information to support website owners, our aim is to make it fast and easy for users to get clear answers to their SEO questions and to show them where to find more in depth information if they require it.

        • Additional Professional SEO Expert Assistance is Easy to Access, if you get too busy to optimize your website or need assistance just reach out to us, we are experts in SEO and depending on your need we can point you in the right direction, offer additional support or even take over your website optimization at very competitive prices.
    • SEO For Growing Businesses

      Business growth is the purpose of our website optimization tools, growth can be achieved in different ways such as increasing customer lifetime value, increasing market share in existing markets, or expanding into new markets whether geographical, customer type or product defined.

      • As an Enterprise grade SEO solution our platform can support your business growth as your targets change.

      • Many options can be self set within the existing plan but if you outgrow your existing plan our SEO consultants are on hand to advise on the best upgrade routes and we even create custom plans especially for customers with specific needs.

      • Sometimes business owners get so busy after optimizing their websites that they realize that they no longer have time to do their own SEO, if that happens we can help because as your project is already on the platform we can easily assess what stage the project is at and provide a very competitive SEO quote for any of our "done for you" Client SEO Services.

      • Generous allowances that won't limit your business, we rarely see customers hit limits but in the very unlikely event you ever do reach a limit on your account just reach out to our support team who can advise you on the best options.

    • SEO For Large Businesses

      "Large" businesses come in a wide variety of types and can be any niche, to be successful it's crucial that you can configure SEO tools to your unique business. Often large businesses will have large websites with many pages, or target large markets, or a diverse range of markets. Our platform is customizable for any type of business, here are just a few of the many features that help to maximise the benefits of SEO:

      • Choose the data that's relevant to your business, need the keyword data for the USA only? Or perhaps another country? Or perhaps just a region such as Florida? or even a city/town such as Miami?No problem!

      • Need to monitor rank in your specific region? No problem, you can monitor rank in the area that matters to you, whether it be a local, regional, national or international.

      • Need to monitor rank on specific device types? No problem - customers can select rank tracking by desktop or mobile devices, or both subject to plan.

      • Need to use automation for updating and publishing reporting? - no problem that's available too.

    • SEO For Startups, Low Traffic Websites and New Websites

      The owners of new websites and businesses face many challenges balancing low or non-existent income against significant startup expenses at the same time as they are still refining their product, trying to gain traction in their market, managing administration processes and figuring out how to get their first web visitors, we can help.

      • Member materials are included to explain in detail what you must do and just importantly what you must not do to get your site ranked what to expect from search engines during the startup phase and what you should monitor while you work to gain online traction and increase your site visitors.
        Our membership materials include Our Custom SEO User Guide, SEO articles, SEO Checklists, SEO FAQ's, SEO Knowledgebase, SEO Platform Support from real SEO's and we are adding more SEO training courses too.

      • Our SEO platform enables the user to leverage the power of detailed information from Google Search Console Data about how Google is interacting with your site, it reveals which keywords your site ranks for and makes all that highly valuable Search Engine information accessible and usable right where you need it inside your SEO project.

      • Website promotion tools are included which allow you to simply and safely massively increase your website's online presence. These tools are very powerful, so we explain how to use them the right way to maximise the SEO benefit safely and to avoid common SEO mistakes such as promoting the site in the wrong way or using spammy partners.
        We use a specially curated list of partner websites to promote your site that have been carefully selected by Search engine experts for their positive SEO benefits, plus our detailed SEO guide explains how to use the promotion tools safely and safely achieve maximum SEO benefits.

      • Social media reporting tools to enable you to monitor your own and competitors social media engagement metrics.

      • Generous data allowances that won't limit your business, we use these SEO plans for multi million dollar businesses and rarely see customers hit any limits but in the unlikely event you ever do reach a limit on your account just reach out to our support team who can advise you on the best options.

      • Automatically find Social engagement opportunities and relevant, highly shareable content to promote your website.

      • No contracts and no tie in's, cancel anytime. No notice is required, no reason required, no quibbling no hassle - as soon as an account is cancelled no further payments will be charged.

      • Easily upgrade or downgrade your plan as required - There are no tie-ins or contracts, you are free to or cancel your SEO plan immediately at any time.

    • SEO For SEO Beginners

      As SEO nerds we could write several thousand words explaining what makes a Professional grade SEO tool suite versus the many consumer grade SEO tools that are more expensive and less effective in use.
      The most important thing to remember is that our SEO toolset is purpose built by expert SEO's who actually do SEO themselves not web designers or coders but results focussed Search Engine Optimization experts.
      SEO is constantly changing so our SEO tools and SEO guides are constantly being developed , improved and updated for the very latest in SEO best practices.
      All of our SEO tools are combined in one place, a convenient cloud-based SEO dashboard with nothing to install, it's always available and always up to date.

    • For SEO Experts

      As SEO experts we use our own SEO tools everyday to optimize websites for our own SEO clients so we know it works and we have made sure that every need is covered.
      The SEO workflow and tools are battle tested by our own top website optimization experts to deliver results with powerful search marketing tools and an optimized SEO workflow that is proven and that you can follow easily.
      Our SEO toolset is purpose built by results focussed Search Engine Optimization experts. As SEO changes so does our SEO suite, the platform is constantly being improved and updated for the very latest in SEO best practices.
      All SEO tools are conveniently located in a cloud-based SEO dashboard there is no need to install anything, nothing to maintain or update, it's always available and always up to date.
      We provide configurable Enterprise Grade SEO reporting with as much detail as you want, summary reporting, PDF and .csv export formats too.

    • Local SEO For Local Businesses

      Local Businesses need a custom Local SEO Strategy our platform includes everything that is needed for perfect website optimization such as:

      • Google My Business Optimization Tools and Resources to dominate Local search such as:
        • Location Insights track how and when people search for your business, as well as how they interact with your local listing (call, view site, view photos, request directions) on Google Maps.
        • Customer Reviews manage the reputation of all your locations in one place, view new visitor reviews and instantly respond to them for all locations.
        • Local Competitors on Google Maps
        • Location Insights
        • Business Citations
        • Google Maps
        • Dangerous Competitors
        • Localised Rank Tracking
    • Maximise SEO Results For Any Business With Our Pro SEO Tools

      Our SEO tools can be configured to suit any business, no matter whether their targets are local, regional, national international or global markets, and that is important because to be successful SEO requires accurate data targeting, read on to learn more.

      Search Engines such as Google and Bing "personalize" their search results, that means that exactly the same keyword search will produce different results depending on many different factors but especially the location of the searcher, the time of the search and the type of search, when you think about it this makes sense and it helps to ensure that the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) produces the best quality, most relevant and trustworthy results quickly, and it's all about getting quick answers on the internet!

      It's crucial to SEO success that SEO tools can be configured to provide rank tracking and SEO data that is relevant to your business.
      Our SEO tools are built for accurate SEO targeting but you'd be surprised how many consumer SEO tools do not have the ability to accurately target markets, that's a major disadvantage!
      Can you imagine optimizing a dental website in say Dallas but only being able to track rank on a US national level? Or having a California State wide customer target but only being able to see rank and search data on a city or on a national level?

      Our powerful SEO targeting capabilities don't leave you blind on crucial SEO data or key performance indicators.

    Don't leave money on the table for your competitors!
    Take this opportunity to get assistance from our SEO experts to claim your share of free traffic!
    Ben Carter SEO LocalAdworks
    Ben Carter
    VP Customer Success

    Who are We?

    About Us

    We are LocalAdworks, a full service digital marketing agency founded in 2015 by SEO experts.
    From the outset our mission has been;

    Our Mission Statement
    "To provide top quality marketing services at affordable prices to the small and medium sized business sector"

    and that remains as true today as then, the only thing that has changed is that we have got even better at doing it.

    Today our processes and systems are fully refined and tuned to deliver results for our clients. In addition we have grown as our clients have grown, now we are able to help clients in many different ways including all aspects of marketing, online strategy and web design too

    Our Marketing Services

    True to our mission LocalAdworks has grown along with clients and customers to offer a range of customer centric results focussed services:

    SEO Services

    • Professional SEO Tools Access

      Our "Affordable SEO service", we provide access to our SEO Tool suite, a website optimization guide, SEO checklists and other support resources to enable customers to optimize their website themselves.

    • Client SEO Services

      Our "Done For You SEO Service" for website owners, we can provide a custom service that meets your needs and budget. We are able to offer flexibility to match an effective website optimization service with your budget.
      The cost for client SEO depends on the amount of work involved which in turn depends upon the size and status of the website, how competitive the niche is and whether content production services are needed. We always try to give the most competitive quote possible and if your website is already connected to the LocalAdworks platform that enables us to offer an extra discount too.

    • Agency SEO Services

      Our agency was built on Agency SEO discretely providing our SEO services on behalf of high end marketing agencies to their clients. We still provide Client SEO and SEO Consulting services on behalf of other marketing agencies.

    Other Services

    LocalAdworks specializes in Search Engine Optimization, however as our clients have grown in order to better serve them we have added new services:

    • Webdesign Services

      We design very competitive quotes for websites that work, we also provide optional website hosting and website maintenance services too that allow customers to focus on their business instead of their website. If you need a website that's a lead generating machine and not just an online brochure we can help.

    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

      We design very competitive quotes for websites that work, we also provide optional website hosting and website maintenance services too that allow customers to focus on their business instead of their website. If you need a website that's a lead generating machine and not just an online brochure we can help.

    • Lead Generation

    • Paid Advertising Campaigns

    • Sales Funnel Design

    • Social Media Management

    • Online Reputation Management

    • Press Release Campaigns

    Join Our Happy Customers

    Marketing that Creates Profit

    It's all about return, every business knows it needs to invest but we don't believe in running a business like a lottery- prudent investment and maximum returns are key.

    Lasting Results and Maximum Returns

    Our aim is to create the maximum return on any investment of time or money.
    That means our services are always built around return and long term benefit.

    Knowledge and Action is Power

    Our SEO tools give you a competitive advantage.
    Armed with the right information effective action is just so easy, forget about the "try and hope" approach that never seems to work.

    Effective Professional Marketing Services

    When your customers are professional marketers and business owners you need to deliver results and high quality services.
    We only offer effective, reliable services otherwise what's the point?

    Our SEO platform has powered the Search marketing of thousands of customers of all sizes from every niche you can imagine. The flexibility of our search marketing tool suite means that it can configured exactly to the needs of your business with no compromises, for any business and at any life cycle stage or size.


    What's Included in This Offer?

    Local Adworks

    Your Affordable SEO Specialists and Full Service Digital Marketing Partner

    • Access To Our Professional Grade SEO Toolset - Included

      Sign up today to get a full year of access to our professional All in One SEO platform that includes 20 powerful SEO tools. Get exactly the same platform that we use for our own SEO clients so you can be sure that it has everything that you need to successfully optimize your website.

    • DIY SEO Guide - Included

      SEO can appear to be complicated especially if you are a new to it, but we have made it super simple now for anyone to optimize their website - no previous experience is needed.
      That's why we include a detailed SEO guides written specifically for our SEO tools and completely up to date with the latest SEO techniques and SEO best practices, what's more that's just one of the support resources included in the Concierge SEO Plan.

    • SEO Checklist - Included

      Our proprietary SEO checklist is written and maintained by SEO professionals, so there is no need to waste time wondering what to do, simply follow the interactive website optimization checklist to rank your website fast with no head scratching, no mistakes and with no time wasted.

    • Expert Support - Included

      Our support team are SEO experts so when you need help with the platform or even some advice on your SEO project you can be sure that you are getting expert advice that will allow you to move forward and achieve your goals with no time wasted, no mistakes and no confusion.

    • SEO Knowledge Base - Included

      Our support team are SEO experts so when you need help with the platform or even some advice on your SEO project you can be sure that you are getting expert advice that will allow you to move forward and achieve your goals with no time wasted, no mistakes and no confusion.

    • SEO Guidance Articles - Included

      We are building a SEO library with a range of membership material that you will get access to as it is added.
      Membership Materials such as "deep dive" SEO articles and SEO guidance content is included and we are continually working in the background to add new membership materials such as "how to optimize your Google My Business page", "how to Optimize Social Media for SEO" and expert video SEO training too as a member you will get access to all the membership materials now and all future content as we add it to the membership resource area of the site as well.

    • Fast Action Bonus - Included For Those that Commit Before the Timer Hits Zero!

      See the Special Fast Action Bonus Included Today act fast the bonuses will be removed and no longer available once the timer at the top of this page runs out.

    What's Inside The SEO Tools?

    keyword Research tools

    Keyword Research Tools

    Discover hidden gem Keywords to drive engaged visitors and easy to convert traffic.

    Get keywords suggestions from the Google Search Engine itself for any keyword with a single click right in your Keyword dashboard with all SEO data included.

    Find thousands of profitable keywords and long-tail keywords. All the data you need is attached, volume, seasonality, competition, PPC cost and effectiveness index rating.

    Our Google Search Console Integration makes fast and super simple to find valuable hidden keywords for fast and easy wins. Google Search Console is a free program that provides a wide range of detailed information about how your all your website pages have performed in Google search, if you know how to use the data it's extremely actionable and valuable information, direct from Google itself, users can authorise GSC to share data into our SEO platform wherever you need it so that the value can be leveraged in your website optimization project.

    Our Competitor Keyword Spying Tool allows you to instantly find all the keywords they use and rank for, to add them to your Keywords list and to create a strategy to overtake them.

    Take the fast and easy shortcut to success by spying on competitor websites and see what is already working for them. Grabbing valuable keywords that already work is as easy as entering a url, that's all you need then add them and tag them for your own use within the keyword research tool.

    Language used changes from country to country and even from region to region, discover the actual keywords used in your exact target market, get search volumes and all keyword data for your specific markets and language.

    It might not be the most exciting benefit but trust us it's a huge efficiency driver and a powerful results driver too. You will discover thousands of keywords but it's crucial you use them effectively in targeted content. Our powerful keyword tagging features makes segmenting fast and easy. Creating powerful LSI optimized content that ranks every time is simple.

    Keywords are a cornerstone to SEO, for maximum results we provide optimum UI, your keyword research from all sources is available in one place and can be accessed wherever you need it from other tools.

    Keywords are integrated with all SEO tools like landing pages optimization, on Page SEO checker / SEO Audit tools, keyword rank tracking and competitor rank tracking. It's easy to import and export huge lists of keywords for use by staff, freelancers and writers

    SEO Audit and On-Page SEO Tools

    One of the first things you should check is find any reasons that Search engines have for not ranking your site.
    The likelihood is that your website has many problems that you would not be aware of because the website still functions.
    However these problems will having a negative affect on how your website performs in Search engines, by reducing rank, impressions and ultimately traffic.
    Unlike some SEO tools our SEO Audit tool has comprehensive detailed checks that will find all the technical SEO errors on your site and, just as importantly explain how to fix them with easy to follow, clickable guidance.

    Website audit crawls are a powerful way to audit immense volumes of data, if the site is large the crawl can take several minutes but our tool allows the user to schedule the crawl which means there is always an up to date detailed audit report available.
    Unnoticed errors can cause loss of traffic and profit.
    Automated SEO checks and PDF reporting ensure that errors are picked up fast to reduce the time in which they can cause harm to your site traffic.
    Optionally SEO reports can be sent straight to your designer to review and fix.

    Test your website pages for different device types for page speed, usability and mobile optimization.

    Reporting is a high value adding activity but it's important that your tools support powerful reporting features and efficient reporting processes to get the maximum value.

    Save time on your reporting to allow you to focus on fixing traffic sapping problems faster.

    Our platform allows the user to produce individual reports on demand, configurable reporting options, executive summaries and detailed reporting. You can even configure a combined report to be issued automatically. Formats supported include high quality Custom branded PDF reporting and for those that like to analyse data .CSV format too.

    On-page SEO is an essential part of website optimization, and should be an ongoing activity that's performed whenever new content is added, when re-targeting existing content and regularly checked to avoid issues such as page speed problems, image optimization issues and keyword cannibalization.

    Landing pages deserve special attention, our On Page SEO tools are powerful and cloud based so they won't bloat your website with code or slow it down.

    On page SEO doesn't get much easier that this, the SEO checks are built for speed and perfect optimization, just select the url to optimize fill in the spaces and aim for 90%+!

    Detailed Landing Page reporting and overview reporting is included.

    The integrated website SEO tips explain how to fix any problems found .

    Technical SEO Audit Tool
    SEO Rank Tracking Tool

    Search Engine Rank Tracking Tool

    It’s hard to exaggerate the importance of search engine rank as a KPI, without doubt one of the single most important KPI’s, that informs you whether what you are doing is working or whether there is a problem.

    Rank tracking is crucial without it you are blind – consider it your compass, our tool is configurable to your needs sometimes you need to check rank movements against your last reporting, other times you might need to check ranking trends over the last year or perhaps against a custom date at another point in time.

    Having used many rank checking tools we can tell you that not all rank trackers are equal, far from it trust us on this.

    Search results are often “personalized” for the searchers location, to avoid chasing unattainable rank in irrelevant results pages you need a configurable Rank Tool that tracks rank for your business and the markets you service.

    There are many other important features that make our rank checking tool world leading, such as configurable reporting, customizable comparatives, colour coded movement analysis, customizable SERPs checker, customizable content and index checking, PDF and .csv reporting, rank tracking graphs, summary reporting, newly ranked search terms reporting to name just a few.

    Avoid the rookie mistake of tracking wrong results, with most rank tracking tools you have no choice and are stuck with the national results page. However with LocalAdworks you can enjoy the "best in class" targetted rank tracking tools and select tracking from over 365 search engines for multiple locations, you can even narrow down your rank checking to a specific zip code or city. The rank tracking tool enables you to get the full picture of site visibility on various search engines, including all the locations that your target audience might be located in.<br><br>

    In SEO it’s crucial that you track rank in YOUR target markets, unlike most SEO tools our rank tracking is configurable to allow you to do that.<br><br>

    Track Rank in the right geographical areas on different search engines - You choose which search engines to check rank on and WHERE! You can choose areas from as large as whole countries right down to towns or even zip codes and everything in-between. Search results are localized so you need to track rank in your actual markets – a Dentist in Boca Raton needs to rank in the Boca area and not waste time tracking rank on the national search results.<br><br>

    Choose which devices to track rank on - many businesses have traffic which is strongly biased to device types like mobiles, tablets or desktops. Search engine rank will often differ across devices according to the search algorithm so being able to choose tracking for the devices your customers use is essential to success.<br><br>

    Choose what content is included in rank tracking reports, including traditional organic results, enhanced SERP features (like the Knowledge Panel, videos, images, maps, hotels, "People also ask", and more), paid for results (such as adverts, Places, shopping and hotels). LocalAdworks tracks all these different types of results and clearly displays special icons for each type of rank result in the SEO ranking report, so the situation and data is completely clear and actionable.

    Clear powerful rank reporting is the key to understanding progress and increasing website visitors. Our reporting is configurable, brandable, professional grade, production and publishing can be automated too. We can provide brandable PDF reporting and .csv reporting too.

    Power Your Rank - Backlink Quality Tool

    Everyone knows that backlinks are a still an important factor in deciding rank.

    However by necessity the search engines have sophisticated techniques to determine this powerful ranking factor.

    Not all links are the same and the Google algorithm evaluates a sites backlink profile in many different ways, to achieve SEO success the backlink profile needs the right mix of backlinks according to authority, relevance, anchor text, language and much more.

    Our Backlink quality tool helps to ensure that your profile stays healthy balanced and powerful for maximum benefits.

    The Backlink Quality Tool identifies any potentially harmful links right away before they can cause you to lose traffic and money.

    Recover from Search Engine Penalties, Lost Rank and Falling Traffic - Quickly and clearly see any problems in your backlinks and toxic backlinks that can result in Search Engine Penalties. Linking Pages reporting - provides a complete list of all backlinks with associated Majestic Backlink data such as Domain Trust flow.

    A natural backlink profile will have backlinks from a diverse range of relevant domains. Diversity is measured in different ways such as domain, niche, domain type, website IP address so that you can make sure that your Backlink profile stays strong, safe and produces maximum benefits to rank.

    Our tools automatically monitor these important factors to make optimizing and growing your Backlink profile easy and effective.

    LocalAdworks looks after your backlink profile and detects toxic links by using a proprietary toxicity formula to match the search engines algorithm, the Toxicity rules are customizable too so that you can fine tune the rules to suit your needs as required. Some examples of the Toxicity factors are the number of outbound links on a linking page, the number of backlinks from the same domain, site-wide links, backlinks from the same subnet.

    Identify any potentially harmful links right away before they can cause you to lose traffic and money.
    Recover from Lost Rank and Falling Traffic - Quickly and clearly see any problems in your backlinks and toxic backlinks that can result in Search Engine Penalties.
    Linking Pages reporting - provides a complete list of all backlinks with associated Majestic Backlink data such as Domain Trust flow.

    The time will come when you have a powerful backlink profile that helps your website to rank for hundreds of keywords and thousands of free visitors. Then imagine this; 3 weeks into November you realise that sales are only 25% of what you expected, that conversion rates have fallen off a cliff and the advertising cost per sale has gone through the roof too, thousands of dollars of profit lost already and unless you can reverse the situation fast you will lose even more and miss out on the busy season too. Investigation reveals that organic traffic has plummeted along with rank, but why?
    After a laborious exercise comparing backlinks across time you realise that some powerful backlinks have been disappearing for the last 8 weeks, gradually weakening your backlink profile until the day of reckoning comes and Google re-evaluates the website and boom - tumbleweed!
    What makes the situation worse is that even if you fixed it right away with new backlinks it would take 2-6 weeks for the Search engines to index the new links before you could even hope to restore rank and get back some of the organic traffic lost to competitors. This is the type of thing that happens all the time to websites and 100% yes even the biggest sites turning $100m plus have this issue we have seen it ourselves plenty of times but it's completely avoidable! Our tools allow you to easily keep track of lost backlinks with automatic reporting of "lost links" you can even set up immediate alerts for backlinks lost so that as soon as they disappear you can take action by fixing or replacing them before Google even indexes the lost link - you can avert the crises and avoid the loss. Backlinks are a powerful ranking factor but you don't have control of them, they live on other websites and sometimes the page or link gets changed or deleted altogether, it just happens but very often the first time you realise is weeks later when the damage is done. This is because the loss of powerful links can impact your leads, for example inadvertently changing a URL on your site that had backlinks to it. Our backlink monitoring tools mean that you know right away so that you can rectify the issue fast and avoid losing money.

    Backlink Checker Tool
    Competitor Backlink Spying Tool

    Competitor Backlink Spying Tool

    Scouring the entire internet to find backlink opportunities can take a huge amount of time with no guarantees of any reward at all.
    Our Competitor Backlink Spy Tool allows you to instantly see competitors backlinks identifying both their unique backlinks and backlinks that they have in common.
    Save yourself years of work searching the internet for opportunities and get huge lists of proven, relevant backlinks that allows you to start building valuable back links rights away.

    The huge volume of backlinks you will discover with the competitor backlink spy tool is astounding, and we provide all of the data needed so that you can build your backlink profile safely and efficiently to rank faster.

    Not all Backlinks are equal and your Backlink profile needs to be balanced in many ways. Our competitor backlink tool provides you with thousands of opportunities, so you need ways to make optimise the process of choosing which links to build and when.
    We include features to help you pick the best opportunities for your unique situation immediately. We include top quality Majestic backlink SEO metrics for each link to measure quality and relevance:

    1. URL Trust Flow
    2. Citation Flow
    3. Domain Trust Flow
    4. Total of inbound and outbound links
    5. Domain Primary Topic
    6. Topical Trust Flow
    7. Alexa Traffic Rank
    8. Domain IP address
    9. Backlink Anchor text
    10. Filters for follow and nofollow links
    11. Filters for toxic links

    Optimize Internal Links to Rank More Easily

    Use the Internal Links Optimization Tools to leverage the maximum ranking power from your website's authority at any point in time.

    Write better optimized website content, fix and tune the efficiency of internal links on your site so that link juice is passed efficiently to exactly where it is needed to improve rankings and increase traffic.

    The Link Text Analysis Report shows you exactly what Link Text is used by Inbound and Outbound internal links on each page of your site.
    Our tool helps you to identify issues and ensure that all internal link anchor text is relevant, diversified and Google Hummingbird friendly.

    The Landing Page Internal links Tool analyzes each Landing page for internal links to test how much link juice it is passing and receiving, rates it for Search Engine Authority and identifies which pages have extra authority that can be used to power traffic for different pages.

    Successful copywriters write optimized content with internal links to power their content.

    Our tool makes it simple when writing to content to intelligently interlink content to divert Link Juice from or to other content for maximum rank and traffic benefits.

    The tool helps to ensure that proper link text is used and link text spamming is avoided.

    The Link Text Analysis Report is easy to action, powerful and can bring positive rewards almost immediately, run the report every time you finalize new content on your website.

    The "Outbound Links" section of the Landing Page Analysis Report will show you which pages and which links are wasting link juice so that they can be fixed and ranking authority saved can help to drive more traffic.

    The Page Authority Analysis report shows the link juice value of inbound internal links and the anchor text used, redirect the flow of link juice to wherever you need it, high converting pages, money pages or pages that need extra authority for a ranking boost.

    Discover new opportunities to harness your wasted ranking power in the "Pages Not Linking" section of the Landing Page Analysis report.

    The report shows each landing page and all of the relevant pages in the website that are not linking to it.

    Fixing your internal link problems and getting the maximum benefit from site authority is made simple by reviewing and fixing for missing internal links to deliver SEO power to where it helps most..

    Internal Links SEO Analysis
    Competitor Backlink Spying Tool

    The Power of Detailed Competitor Analysis

    Knowing a competitor is doing well is an opportunity, learn WHY your competitors rank higher and what keywords they rank for to "stand on the shoulders of giants"

    Get detailed ranking reports to compare your site's rankings and visibility against your competitors.

    See what keywords your competitors rank for and discover keywords that your competitors rank for that you hadn't even thought of.

    Choose from over 370 global and local search engines to identify exactly where you are falling short and by how much.

    Discover keywords that your competitors rank for that you hadn't even thought of

    Use a Competitive Analysis Checklist to identify your competitors key metrics for analysis and areas in your business to focus on. Make use of 6 powerful widgets to quickly compare your business to competitors.

    Compare your backlink profile against your competitors in detail and in executive summary format.

    Precisely identify all the opportunities to "level up" against all your competitors by finding all their backlinks and building new links to your site.

    Power SEO With Detailed Traffic Analysis

    Power your SEO strategy with Google Analytics data, all your marketing analytics data in one place and at your fingertips in the SEO platform where you can use it.

    Includes all the most essential Google Analytics and Google Search Console data, keyword rank reports, SEO analysis data, backlinks data, competitors SEO metrics and more

    There's no need to remember multiple logins or request data, authorise once with a click and all the Google Search Console and Analytics data you need is automatically available inside your SEO project, there's nothing else you need to do.

    Discover how much traffic your competitor has and from where with Competitor Website Traffic Analysis.

    Monitor SEO progress and reveal data trends with graphs showing traffic volumes for up to a year, watch as you increase your traffic and competitor's trend down.

    Impress your stakeholders with Professional PDF SEO Reports throughout the Localadworks platform.

    Our Web Traffic reports include colour coded chart reporting for your site traffic and for your competitors, adjustable time scales and on/off toggles for each site to zoom in and see exactly what's going on.

    Internal Links SEO Analysis
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    • 10x Competitor Backlink Spying Detailed
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